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ASBDA In Your Area

The American School Band Directors Association has members all across the county. Many states have organized their membership into active chapters and sponsor various projects for the improvement of school concert bands. States with an active ASBDA chapter benefit from a unified voice in music education, access to the best network of band directors in the United States, and wonderful relationships that last a lifetime.

The map below shows the distribution of ASBDA Members throughout the country. Green states have organized chapters of ASBDA members that meet regularly and sponsor wonderful projects and events. Purple states have small colony chapters that are organized and working on growth. Blue states have active ASBDA members who participate in ASBDA events but are not formally organized within their state. Gray states do not have an ASBDA presence at this time.

To contact an ASBDA State Chapter, email the appropriate State Chair listed below.

If you live in an area without an organized state chapter, why not colonize your own? All you need are a few enthusiastic band directors and some great ideas! If you are interested in learning how to start ASBDA Chapter in your state, contact the appropriate Region Chair or State Chair.

ASBDA State Chairs
Alabama - Bruce Zeiger   bdzeiger@knology.net

Arkansas - Randy Mealer  rmealer@hps.k12.ar.us

Arizona - Robert Rudy   rrudy4@cox.net

California - David Blake   dblake@conejousd.org

Colorado - Cathy Wahl   cathywahl@gmail.com

Connecticut/Rhode Island - Wayne Splettstoeszer   wsplettstoeszer@torrington.org

Delaware - David Casto

Florida - Joe Luechauer   jlluke@earthlink.net

Georgia - Richard Stichler   rjstichler@gmail.com

Hawaii - Scot Kiyonaga   kyukiyo@hawaii.rr.com

Illinois - David Drillinger  bach37@charter.net

Indiana - William Laughlin   bclaughlin@hotmail.com

Iowa - Elise Rodenberg   eliserodenberg@hotmail.com

Kansas - Clifford Manning   clifma1@cox.net

Kentucky - Robin Barker   robinbarker75@gmail.com

Louisiana - Sheily Bell   sheily.bell@apsb.org

Maine - Allen Graffam   graffama@link75.org

Maryland - Michael Svec   michaelsvec@verizon.net

Michigan - Jeff Cutter   cutterjeff@hotmail.com

Minnesota - Geneva Fitzsimonds   geneva.fitzsimonds@edinaschools.org

Mississippi - John Taylor   musicbytaylor@yahoo.com

Missouri - Katheryn Fenske   kathyfenske@charter.net

Montana - Allan Slater  abslater@montanasky.net

Nebraska - Russell Workman  rworkman02@hotmail.com

Nevada - Joe Foster

New Hampshire - Jeffrey Smith   jsnhsbd@yahoo.com

New Jersey - Tim Beadle   tbeadle@wmmhs.org

New Mexico - John Schutz   johndianeschutz@msn.com

New York - Lynne Criss   lynnejazznut@aol.com

North Carolina - Tracy Humphries   thumphr820@aol.com

Ohio - Scott Curfman 

Oklahoma - Ray L. Bell   ray_bell@sbcglobal.net

Oregon - Jay Burchak   jmburchak@msn.com

Pennsylvania - Richard Pantaleo   rpantaleo1@comcast.net

South Carolina - Roger Simpson   asbdasc@gmail.com

South Dakota - Arlen Hofer   arlenhofer@yahoo.com

Tennessee - Mark Garey   mgarey86@comcast.net

Texas - Travis Smith   travis.smith1953@gmail.com

Virginia - Doug Armstrong   dcarmstrong@gmail.com

Washington - David Shaw   davidshaw05@gmail.com

West Virginia - W. Randall Hall   randallwvpat@frontier.com

Wisconsin - Gary Smith   bandsmith@gmail.com