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ASBDA Structure

National Structure
ASBDA's Executive Committee consists of eleven members elected every national convention for two year terms. 
Nominations are submitted during regional conferences (odd years) and voted upon during national conventions (even years). The eleven positions in the Executive Committee are:

President Elect
Immediate Past President
Past President At Large
Regional Representatives (5 in all)

ASBDA has the following standing national committees to conduct the business of the organization:

National Membership Committee
Bylaws Committee
National Review and Teller Committee
National Organizing Committee
Research Committee
Publications Committee
Archives Committee
Convention Sites Development Committee
Goldman/Harding Committee

Regional Structure
Each of the five ASBDA Regions has its own Regional Executive Committee to conduct the business of the region and serve as the link to the National Executive Committee. The Regional Executive Committee is elected for two year terms at each National Conference (even years) and consists of three members:

Regional Representative
Regional Secretary
Regional Treasurer

Each ASBDA region has the following standing regional committees to conduct the business of the region:

Regional Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Conference Planning Committee

ASBDA Regional Map