Through the ASBDA Education Foundation limited funding for band education projects has been made available to encourage research, development activities and technology in music since 1987.

  • All band educators and those affiliated with band education are encouraged to apply for project funding.
  • Projects must be completed within one year of application or have the permission of the Foundation Board for an extension beyond one year. This may be extended one year by written request to the Foundation Board and with their approval.
  • The goals of funding projects are to advance the principles and philosophy of the ASBDA. Projects are to enhance music education in the schools and promote instrument education with benefits expected for the students, instrumental music education and ASBDA. Projects for a specific school, director or individual program will not receive funding.
  • Education Foundation funds have been designated to encourage a wide variety of activities in band education and technology. These can include, but are not limited to:
    • ASBDA workshops, clinics and presentations
    • Development of research or teaching tools
    • Guest lecturers, performers, composers, commissions related to ASBDA
    • Sponsorship of workshops and clinics
    • Short and long term research projects
Categories and Suggested Amounts
Individuals may apply in more than one category and may apply for additional grants as funds permit.
  • Research projects
  • Developmental activities
  • Lecturers, guest artists
  • Other projects as deemed appropriate to Foundation guidelines
(Travel expenses will be a consideration where a clinician is brought in for a clinic that will have ASBDA displayed as the sponsor of the clinician and brings the ASBDA principles and philosophy before the audience. Technology today allows for free cell phone calls, conference calls and email as an instant contact, therefore limiting the necessity for travel expenses. Transportation and lodging will only be considered on a very limited basis.)

Applicants should attempt to secure support from all available local, state and outside sources and included on a detailed financial report with the application. Limitations on lodging and travel apply. Individuals may not receive payment for their services as part of the grant.

Established groups may request permission to submit one application for a group project.

Review Process and Timetable
Deadlines for research, development activities, technology, guest lecturers, performers, composers and commissions are November 1 and May 1. Ten (10) copies of the proposal should be submitted to the Foundation by the appropriate deadline date.

All proposals must be reviewed and signed by the Chairman of the Education Foundation. To ensure that the Education Foundation Chairman has sufficient time to review the proposal before the deadline, it is highly recommended that applicants submit their proposals by October 15 and April 15 respectively. The Education Foundation cannot guarantee review for proposals submitted for review if not received by the deadline. Proposals without the Foundation Chairman's signature will not be considered for funding.

The committee will review applications after the deadline at either the biannual ASBDA summer convention, or at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago of each year. The committee will review emergency requests as quickly as possible.

Final Report & Reimbursement
To receive reimbursement, all projects must be completed according to the applicant's proposed timetable. Applicants must also submit a final report and all original receipts to the Foundation Chairman, within sixty (60) days of project completion. The final report will identify how the Foundation Project Funding accomplished or did not accomplish its goal and the reasons why.

The following credit must appear on any printed and published materials:
"The (project, presentation, performance) was funded in part by the American School Band Directors Association Education Foundation, Inc."

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