Exceptional contributions have been made to the school band movement by a number of individuals, whose careers have not included extensive teaching in the fields of Grade, Junior and Senior High School bands in the schools. The A. Austin Harding Award is presented to these individuals for valuable and dedicated service to the bands of America as a measure of ASBDA's esteem, appreciation and respect for their outstanding personal contribution to the school band movement.

Austin Harding Award Recipients
 Richard Crain Eddie Green
 Joseph W. Herman
Dr. Thomas L. Dvorak
2012 2010 2009
Brian Balmages
Dr. Al G. Wright
Robert Floyd Frank Tichelli
James Swearingen
2008 2009 2008
Lowell E. Grahamh Frank Tichelli
James Swearingen
Lowell E. Graham
2007 2006 2005
Russell C. Vroman
M. Max McKee Dr. John R. Locke
2004 2003 2002
Eugene M. Corporan
Himie Voxman Richard L. Lloyd
2001 2000 1999
Mrs. Dorothea Dean
Major Herbert L. Day C.H. Duncan
1998 1997 1996
Frank Erikson
Vincent McBryde Col. John R. Bourgeois
1995 1994 1993
Herbert L. Carter
Kenneth G. Bloomquist Commander Allen E. Beck
1992 1991 1990
Dr. Alfred Reed
Col. Eugene W. Allen Paul E. Bierly
1989 1988 1987
Donald Hunsberger
John P. Paynter Walter E. Volkwein
1985 1984 1983
Dr. Frederick Fennell
Dr. Merton Utgaard Dr. Lucien Calliet
1982 1981 1980
Lt. Col. William F. Santleman
Lt. Col. Gilbert Mitchell
Dr. Donald McGinnis
Col. Arnald D. Gabriel
Leonard Falcone