Why Become An ASBDA Member?
  • ASBDA is the ONLY national music organization dedicated exclusively to the prosperity of the concert band programs in the public and private K-12 schools across America. Membership is a call to service for those individuals most passionate about improving concert band programs in our nation's schools.
  • ASBDA membership provides a wealth of opportunities on the local, regional, and national levels for bandmasters to interact with the most talented directors in the country, collaborate on worthwhile projects, and serve as a unified voice for the perpetuation of instrumental music education.
  • ASBDA membership is a recognition of a band director’s work as a music educator by other music educators and is therefore an honor reserved for the nation's greatest bandmasters.

Which Type of ASBDA Membership is Best For Me?
  • ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - Designed for bandmasters with five or more years of teaching experience and who are CURRENTLY in the profession of teaching band within the K-12 grades. Active Status Members enjoy all benefits of membership as outlined below.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Designed for any individual or company who wishes to become involved with ASBDA and their mission. This includes bandmasters with less than five years of experience as well as individuals or companies interested in furthering the mission of ASBDA. Associate Status Members may attend all ASBDA functions and events but my not vote or hold office.

How Can I Become An "Active Status" ASBDA Member?
  • STEP 1 - A candidate for membership must have a sponsor who is currently an ASBDA member. There are many ASBDA members nationwide willing to serve as sponsors. If you are interested in membership and would like to be paired with a sponsor please contact the appropriate Region Rep or State Chair.
  • STEP 2 - After establishing an official ASBDA Sponsor, complete and submit the online Membership Application that your Sponsor will send to you. 
  • STEP 3 - Submit a $40 payment (for membership materials) via PayPal at the end of your application submission.
  • STEP 4 - Have your sponsor complete and submit the online Sponsor Application.
  • STEP 5 - Communicate with your sponsor and make sure that three current ASBDA members fill out and submit the online Reference Form on your behalf.
  • STEP 6 - All application materials must be submitted by March 15.  You will most likely hear from the National Membership Chair after that time.

How Can I Become An "Associate Status" ASBDA Member?

What will I receive as a new ASBDA Member?
  • The opportunity to participate in ASBDA sponsored projects, conventions, and events.
  • A beautiful ASBDA lapel pin which we hope you will wear with honor (Active Status Members Only)
  • A certificate of membership to display in your classroom (Active Status Members Only)
  • A short book on the history of ASBDA
  • An account within the ASBDA Google Suite which includes: email account, YouTube channel, Google Drive Storage and much more.
  • Access to the members only section of the ASBDA website.
  • The ability to purchase ASBDA logoware and products.
  • The ability to sponsor other worthy candidates for membership.
  • Access to many new wonderful friends who conduct the greatest school band programs in the nation.