Sounds of Karl L. King CD & Karl L. King History Book Combo Package

Sounds of Karl L. King CD
Select Marches performed by the University of Iowa Band, conducted by Frank A. Piersol (transcribed to compact disk from the original 1975 recording)

As the result of the action taken at the 1969 American School Band Director's Association convention, research on the interpretive aspects of the music of Karl L. King was initiated. Mr. King was involved in the project and he selected from his compositions those which he would most like to have included in this project. From the thirty-seven compositions selected by him, twelve of his most representative compositions are included in the Sounds of Karl L. King pamphlet and CD.

The material in the pamphlet is a condensation of material compiled from conversations with Mr. King prior to his death; written and recorded comments from Reg Schive, Dr. W.B. Green; conversations with and editing of percussion parts by Mr. Arnold Bode and; Ross Leeper, a member, for many years, of the Fort Dodge Municipal Band under Mr. King’s direction. 

The pamphlet contains comments and rehearsal techniques for the preparation and interpretation of the selected compositions as Karl King would have had them performed. The CD was remastered from the tapes with permission from the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa band was under the direction of Frank A. Piersol. 

Karl L. King - An American Bandmaster - History Book

In 1972, Thomas J. Hatton, professor of English Literature at Southern Illinois University, went to Fort Dodge and spent a year researching the life and career of Mr. King, which ultimately resulted in his book, Karl L. King – An American Bandmaster. 

First published in 1975, by The Instrumentalist Company, Hatton’s book has long since been out of print. The American School Band Directors Association Education Foundation has obtained permission to reprint the book and it is now again available, together with the Sounds of Karl King CD (above) as a combo package. The book provides the reader the opportunity to explore the life and career of Karl King as well as offering interesting insights into who he was and about his remarkable legacy in the band world. 


A Tribute to Dale C. Harris - The Silver Anniversary Concert
The high school band of Pontiac, Michigan was organized by Dale C. Harris in the fall of 1927. In 1929 the band received a Division I rating in every competition and festival entered. The 1940 Pontiac band was perhaps the most outstanding of Harris’s career. 

The Silver Anniversary concerts were presented in the high school gym on April 15 & 16, 1952. The gym seated 2,000 and the band performed for a capacity audience on each night. Guest conductors were Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman, Dr. William D. Revelli and Mr. Philip Lang. The entire concert, including remarks by Goldman, Revelli and Long, is presented on this recording. 

The tape recordings used for the production of this compact disc are of the actual performance. As such, there was no opportunity for preliminary tests for different dynamic levels, microphone placement, etc. 

That the recording was made under concert conditions is, at times, amusingly attested by the members of the audience who coughed in the subdued portions of the program, the wail of a small child in the audience, and the honk of an automobile as it passed outside the building. 


Sounds of John Philip Sousa - Select Marches performed by the United States Army Band, with My Years with the Sousa Band by Frank Simon 
The American School Band Directors Association, wishing to perpetuate some of the John Philip Sousa musical heritage for young American musicians, chose the avenue of recording to preserve for posterity the authentic interpretations of Sousa marches as they were played in his day. Therefore, it presents The Sounds of John Philip Sousa, as a tangible work that will enhance the musical tradition willed to all humanity by the “March King” – John Philip Sousa. 

The pamphlet accompanying the CD recorded by the United States Army Band, Colonel Eugene W. Allen, Leader and Commanding Officer, contains authentic rehearsal techniques as provided by Dr. Frank Simon, Mac E. Carr, and John Philip Sousa. Some of the photographic material was provided by the library of the United States Marine Band, Colonel John R. Buorgeois, Director, and MGySgt Frank Byrne, Librarian. 

Also included in the pamphlet is “My Years with the Sousa Band”, by Dr. Frank Simon. In this section he shares some of his stories around some of the marches while playing with the Sousa band for seven years and “The best advice I ever had” given to him by John Philip Sousa.