American School Band Directors Association

Founded in 1953, the American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA) is a national organization for band directors whose mission is to promote, enhance and preserve quality school programs through leadership and fellowship of exemplary band directors.

ASBDA is a prominent, active and effective national organization to influence school band programs.


A survey of ASBDA members' recommended band literature is going to be major source of information and content for the 3rd edition of the ASBDA Curriculum Guide. Everyone in ASBDA, whether working on the project directly or not, is asked to submit as many selections to this survey as possible. The first criteria for works you submit is this: You must have taught the selection at least two times and would teach it again if you had the opportunity. 

We must strive to include works from all eras of band literature, NOT just current and contemporary works. Especially, we need our older ASBDA members to submit works from the latter half of the 1900's - 1950-1980 approximately. We also should strive to include works for all levels of difficulty. Within the survey, there is a question where you will have the opportunity to tag the selection with multiple descriptors for style, genre and category. 

The results of the survey will be considered like a poll; the selections that receive the most submissions will be at the top of a list. We will sort the results into various recommended lists, yet to be fully determined, but examples could be, "Top 25 selections for small bands with limited instrumentation," "Top 25 selections for beginning band," "Top 50 masterworks for band, regardless of difficulty" and so on. The Chapter 6-Performance Repertoire team will be developing these types of ideas for the results of the survey. 

Responses should be submitted by January 31, 2019, but go ahead and start submitting now, as your answers will help the team begin to formulate ideas for how the results can be used.

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