This section is designed to assist ASBDA State Chairs with helpful ideas, projects, and documents for their state.

The first, and most important, tool for the State Chair is the calendar checklist below. It's a quick checklist for State Chairs and their duties as they go through the year. Some duties can be delegated to other chapter members as needed but it is the responsibility of the state chair to make sure the tasks are completed on time.
Here are some basic tools to assist with correspondence and marketing:
State Chairs should maintain a current chapter roster of members in their state. State rosters should be updated each fall and sent to the Regional Rep by September 15th.
    • Sample Chapter Roster in a spreadsheet format (not available)

Email a fall newsletter to the state membership and the Regional Rep by October 15th.
    • Sample Email Newsletter (not available)

The State Chair needs to complete the State Chapter Report once a year and emails it to their Regional Rep by November 15th.
    • State Chapter Report (not available)

A state chapter should meet at least twice a year. Select meeting places where attendance will be easy such as an MEA Convention or State Honor Band Clinic. The two main topics at every meeting should be new members and service projects.
    • Sample Meeting Agenda

State chapters are suggested to have a regular timeline for bringing in new members Use your membership roster to help candidates obtain their references from ASBDA members.
    • Sample Timeline for Membership

State chapters are suggested to sponsor at least one project every year that serves the cause of instrumental music education. This is an important role of every ASBDA Chapter. By sponsoring worthy projects, ASBDA has a relevancy to the music profession and a purpose to exist.
    • Great Project Ideas

Sponsorship Application

New Member Reference Application

Membership Application