Organizational Leadership

National Structure

ASBDA's Executive Committee consists of eleven members elected every national convention for two-year terms. Nominations are submitted during regional conferences (odd years) and voted upon during national conventions (even years). The eleven positions in the Executive Committee are:

  • Executive Director

  • President

  • President-Elect

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Immediate Past President

  • Past President Appointed

  • Regional Representatives (5 in all)

ASBDA has the following standing national committees to conduct the business of the organization:

  • National Membership – Melissa Dover (OH)

  • Bylaws Committee – Kevin Beaber (CO)

  • National Review and Teller Committee – Jeremy Ewing (OH)

  • National Organizing Committee –Carole Grooms (TN)

  • Research Committee - Stephen King (VA)

  • Archives Committee – James Felts (IL)

  • Goldman/Harding/Awards Committee – Jeffrey Phillips (TN)

  • Associate Membership/Industry Relations Committee – Sarah Brown (OH)

  • Midwest Clinic Committee – Chad Allard (IA)

  • Publications Committee – James Divine (CO)

  • Public Relations/Social Media Committee - Chris Word (MS)

  • Membership Relations Committee - Bill Witcher (NC)

Regional Structure

Each of the five (5) ASBDA Regions has its own Regional Executive Committee to conduct the business of the region and serve as the link to the National Executive Committee. The Regional Executive Committee is elected for two (2) year terms at each Nation Conference (even years) and consists of three (3) members:

  • Regional Representative

  • Regional Secretary

  • Regional Treasurer

Each ASBDA region has the following standing regional committees to conduct the business of the region:

  • Regional Membership Committee

  • Nominating Committee

  • Conference Planning Committee

Travis Coakley President
Keith FarmerPresident-Elect
Chad AllardSecretary
Cathy WahlTreasurer
Carole GroomsImmediate Past-President
Blair CallawayAppointed Past-President
Linda Fox-MillerExecutive Director

Zachary Fruits

Region 1 Representative
Chris SimonsonRegion 2 Representative
Jeremy EwingRegion 3 Representative
Matt LinerRegion 4 Representative
John TaylorRegion 5 Representative

ASBDA in your area

The American School Band Directors Association has members all across the county. States with an active ASBDA chapter sponsor various projects for the improvement of school bands and for the professional development of band directors. Members benefit from a unified voice in music education, access to the best network of band directors in the United States, and enjoy wonderful relationships that last a lifetime.

Membership in ASBDA is by invitation. For more information, contact the State Chair in your state, or if there is no active chapter in your state, contact the Region Representative for the region that includes your state.