There are four types of Membership in ASBDA-

Active, Retired, Affiliate, & Associate

If you are interested in membership, contact the State Chair in your area. If you don't have a State Chapter, contact your Region Representative.

active membership

Active Membership

  • Active membership shall be open to band directors of established personal and professional integrity who are actively engaged in exemplary teaching and directing, or supervision of school bands on the elementary, middle school, junior high, and/or high school levels.

  • Paramount in consideration of a candidate, and supersedes all other qualifications, should be their personal character traits and professional ethics record in their present and previous positions. Their record of service in their district and state associations shall be above question.

  • Experience as a band director in public or private schools. A candidate must have completed a minimum of five (5) years of experience in the field.

  • Quality of Work: The work of the candidate should be evaluated on the merits of the bands consistently produced. The work of the candidate should be of exemplary quality as to command the respect of their colleagues in the state he/she represents.

affiliate membership

Affiliate Membership

  • Affiliate Membership shall include former Active Members of the American School Band Directors Association who are not now actively engaged in the teaching, directing, or supervision of school bands on the elementary, junior high, middle school and/or senior high school levels.

  • All privileges and responsibilities of Active Membership are to be retained with the exception of holding an elected national office.

associate membership

Associate Membership

  • Membership is available to any individual not eligible for active membership, or any firm and/or collegiate institution interested in furthering the philosophy of the American School Band Directors Association, Inc. The application process must be followed for this level of membership.

  • Associate Members may attend all convention/conference events, with the exception of specified closed business sessions, but may not vote or hold office.

  • Associate membership affords institutions the privilege of purchasing available exhibit space at conventions/conferences.

retired membership

Retired Membership

  • Retired membership shall be open to former Active members who have retired from teaching or other music-related educational work.

  • Retired members shall have the same privileges as Active members, with the exception that they cannot hold office.